SALIMAT ABANCA 2023: more tan 1.300 meetings at International Hosted Buyers Programme, 102.689 visitors and a vaste activity program


Silleda, 13th June 2023. The 26th Atlantic Food Fair, Salimat Abanca, was held from the 8th to the 11th of June simultaneously with the 45th International ABANCA Semana Verde of Galicia Fair, receiving jointly 102.689 visitors.

Once again, International Hosted Buyers Programme highlighted in this event making easier for the companies present at the event to open new markets, both in Spain and in other countries. It hosted more than  1.300 business meetings where 130 showed their products to 28 buyers and food distributors from 19 different countries, like Germany, Belgium, China, Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania,  Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdon, Sweden, Switzerland and Filipinas and Guinea for the first time. From all of them, 23 were buyers and the rest were national buyers, corresponding with 2 distributors and with 3 Spanish food distribution chains as Gadisa, El Corte Inglés or Carrefour, with presence in Spain.

The feedback received from the buyers, resulted very positive, even for lot of them, it was very difficult to choose  between products from the same category to add to their catalogue, due to all of them were atractive. Even, some buyers that initially weren´t  too interested at some products due to the difficults for the transportation, were open to find logistic solutions  and  adding this references to the catalogues that they offer at their countries. With this high interest from the importers and distributors, the participant companies qualified the meetings as very positive.

This Internationals Hosted Buyers Meeting Programme SALIMAT ABANCA 2023, became once again an efficient selling tool, supported by the Galician Institute of Economic Promotion (IGAPE) and the colaboration ot the Galician Food Cluster.

Exhibition and vaste activity programme.

The exhibition area  of Salimat Abanca showed a big ammount of proposals, highlighting quality products, craft made, gourmet, organic and innovative products. The innovative products, had an own space, ALINOVA, where visitors could seen 80 innovative proposals  launched to the market  recently or even during the fair.

A vaste programme of activities like tastings or showcookings  from recognized chefs completed the programme of the activities of the fair. Another interesting activity was the “Faladoiro de Salimat”, where the Galician chef Miguel Mosteiro, the basque Diego Valdivieso and the Andalusian Paco Ybarra talked about their trajectory and vital evolution in their career  at the same time that they were cooking a meaningful dish on their lifes.

Other important proposals of this 26th edition of SALIMAT were the III Tortilla Contest or the “I Activist Forum: For a rural future” or the VIII Gastrobloggers Salimat Abanca Meeting, with the participation of bloggers like Secret Galicia, Recetas Fáciles con Bela, Chus Nenalinda, Rutas y Restaurantes, Desayuna Coruña, Tragón del Planeta, Fogones Gallegos and El Toque de Inés.